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Murder Mystery in Midlothian Texas

Christopher Todd Erick

 November 8, 2012-  Christopher was found not competent to stand trial in a Dallas Texas criminal case with JUDGE HOLMES regarding his prescription Adderall charge.  The charge against Christopher was dropped, but he was to be hospitalized briefly beginning on November 12, 2012.  But when Christopher left the court house that day he was taken  back to his grandmother's house where he was tied up and tortured for two days before being suffocated to death at the hands of his biological father, Steven Todd Erick, a City of Irving Texas Firefighter!

It's been almost 6 years now and no one has ever been held accountable for

the murder of Christopher Todd Erick.

Christopher Todd Erick-

  •   Date of Death:    November 10,2012
  •   Place of Death: Midlothian, Texas- (Ellis County)
  •   Chris just turned 23 years old. He had never been married and had no children.
  •   At first the police and the victim's father & the paternal grandmother claimed that "Christopher died Naturally & Peacefully in his sleep".  Allegedly, this was the reason why police did not secure any evidence from the scene or bother to document the crime scene properly.  It was after Chris' Mother insisted that her son be tested for poisons and after he tested positive for Cyanide Poison that everyone's stories suddenly  changed.
  •   1st Official Cause/Means of Death -  Natural death due to Congenital Heart Defect.
       Ammended to:
           a.)  "Cyanide Toxicity"
           b.)  "Anomalous Coronary Artery and Aortic Dissection"
                     Official Means of Death :    Undetermined

The "Criminal Death Investigation":

  • Midlothian Texas Police Lead Detectives (in order):
           1) Former Detective Daron Ehly
           2)  Former Detective Sgt Timothy Neal Scott
           3)  Detective Cody Mckinney
  •   Attorney for the Midlothian Police were Colvin & Stout law firm.  (Donald Stout)  - Their goal was to convince the Texas Attorney General's office to withhold all records from Chris' Mother.  (See Stout @ The Caffey Group with the step-mother, Tanya Pevsner Erick and others from the Pevsner family. 

Conspiracy to conceal the criminal offense of Murder!

The crime scene photos revealed the following:

1)  A restraint chair present next to victim's bed with restraint straps attached to the chair.

2)  Restraint marks visible on the victim which correlate to the restraint chair.

3)  Slide marks on the victim's bed where his body was slid up onto the bed after he died.

4)  Visible bruising on victim's neck- over the carotid artery.  (Indicating Choke hold restraint.)

5)  Visible bruising over victim's collar-bone.  (Same location of the torn artery found by Medical Examiner, documented in Autopsy Report.)  (Proof of struggle.)

6)  Bruising visible on victim's lower chest.  (Proof of restraint- Assailant's knee into victim's chest.) 

7)  Torn mini-blinds visible in the victim's bedroom.  (Attempted escape out the window.) (Proof of struggle.)

8)  Room was found in disarray.  (Proof of struggle.) 

9)  Cadaveric Spasm visible in victim's left hand.  (Indicative of an extremely emotional and physically violent death.)

According to the Medical Examiner, Christopher suffered TWO heart attacks over two days time!  "But the heart attacks did NOT kill him.  Christopher suffocated to death." 








10/21/2016 - Chris' Case According to LordanArt's Brain Scratch- John Lordan (below) (This is John's theory, not necessarily that of Chris' mother.)
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Ellis County Press Interview BLOCKED From Ellis County Newspapers (below)

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Athlete : Christopher Todd Erick was the Winner in the top 10 "King of the Ring", Hall A Fame City Champs Highlander Football- 2 years #22 , Baseball, Wrestling, Pole Vault, Bodybuilding, Taekwondo. Karate.   Chris studied Reiki and Mastered Levels one, two, three. He enjoyed Oil Canvas Painting and Acoustic Guitar. First and foremost, he loved the Lord.


Memorial Information

David Bauman's  Christmas 4 Kids

Huffy Bikes in Honor of Christopher Erick

December 2014-


I feel the pain
with every breath
Been breathing shallow
since your death

They scarred my soul
when they took your life...
They felt no pain
But they will feel my strife

They do not know
how hard I'll fight
Every day
Throughout the night

I will not rest
My precious son
Not a wink
'Till Justice is done.

by Damon McBee

In Memory of

Christopher Erick


Christopher's picture can be seen at 9:40 in the video below.

National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims Video

We Remember Them Always!

"Our Unbreakable Bond"

Hannah Trigwell (Cover Sessions, Vol. 1)

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