September 27, 1989 ~ November 10, 2012 
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Kim Erick Smith 

Murder Mystery in Midlothian Texas

Christopher Todd Erick

Letters of Complaint

This page is inspired by the Midlothian Texas police department's failure to mount a thorough death investigation of my son and the unimaginable distress and heartache they have caused our grieving family just to  avoid admitting the truth .   They failed us.

I am a forgiving person, had anyone from this police department said,  "hey we messed up, but we are professional, compassionate and honest enough to try to correct any problems."  Sadly that never happened.  What they have done is unimaginable.

* **  If you ever read or hear a police department claiming that a family is only crying "foul play" because "they are unable to cope with their loss", please pay attention because when is the last time you recall having the urge to want to "stalk" a police department?  The goal is for you to ignore the injustice and it WORKS!  It's incredibly painful plus it can happen to you !

(below) Feb 2014- Midlothian police department's Jodie Prior accusing me of "stalking the police."  Following attached are my documented complaints  in the order in which they occurred.   I desperately sought resolve and a thorough  death investigation for my son however the police decided to shut me up by publicly labeling me as the "ungrateful grieving mother who was unable to  cope with my loss."  The Midlothian police lied to you!

(below)  My internal affairs complaint filed with Midlothian police Chief Carl Smith after Officer Ehly lied to me about having my son tested for long tern cyanide before releasing his remains to be cremated.  We lost our opportunity to test Christopher for long term poisoning.  They showed no remorse or care about this. Their goal was to cover up this huge mistake at any cost.  Later on we would also learn that Officer Ehly did not secure any evidence from the scene of Chris' death, namely a bottle of Gatorade later identified via crime scene photos by Sgt Tim Scott.  Ehly secured no evidence at all.

(below)  8 months after filing my internal affairs complaint, still no resolve to the issues at hand.  Midlothian Police kept Officer Ehly on Christopher's case despite the mistakes this officer had already made.

(below) Dec 2013 I asked Chief Carl Smith for a written response to the above complaint since it seemed as though I was completely being ignored, Chief Smith insisted on only responding via US Mail. I provided him with an alternative address and 4 days later my friend contacts me to tell me that they now have someone sitting out in a car watching that address.  I never did receive the written response from Chief Smith.

(above) The officer who botched Christopher's investigation (Officer Daron Ehly) was finally demoted out of criminal investigations to school resource officer approx. Feb 2014.  I only learned about because of this Midlothian news article.  Midlothian police deny all of the mistakes that were made. (below Officer Ehly is in the audio below telling me "Chris wanted to die so he got his wish."

(below)  Interview with the Medical Examiner - " D.A. Doesn't Want To Touch This  Case With A Ten Foot Pole"

(April 1,2014 - Complaint Filed with District Attorney (Before I realized it was the  D.A. who did not know how to prosecute this case all along. )

(below)   Its now 21 months since my son was killed and  Ellis County D.A. Patrick Wilson and Midlothian police are still refusing to allow me access to any of Chris' death investigation records.  I have caught MPD destroying and altering any evidence which proved that my son's paternal grandmother and biological father (who is also a firefighter) where both involved in causing Christopher's death.  Below is my very exhausted response to the AG about considering MPD request. Following this MPD were finally forced to release information.

Oct. 18, 2014- Grievance Filed With State Bar of Texas re Ellis County D.A. Patrick M. Wilson

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