9/27/89 ~ 11/10/12

Murder Mystery in Midlothian Texas

          Christopher Todd Erick

WARNING....Graphic Photos


Christopher Todd Erick- 23 yr old Mentally Disabled-  Died By Cyanide Poisoning

(Painful Long Drawn Out Death Suffering 2 Heart Attacks Over Approx. 2 Days Time Before He Died-  No One Called Help For Christopher.)


1. The Autopsy Report states:  "it is unclear whether  the decedent acted alone in causing his own death or if another individual may have assisted him or possibly poisoned him. As such the manner of death is UNDETERMINED."  

2.  Police ruled it as "suicide " despite the Medical Examiners documented finding.  As of August 7, 2014 this case is now CLOSED, this case was abandoned "as-is"and they took our answers with them. 

3.  We, the family, we KNOW that Christopher was not only murdered, he was tortured to death.  We are seeking legal Justice.

---  Full AUTOPSY REPORT Is Attached Here:  Pg. 1   Pg. 2, Pg. 3 ,  Pg. 4 Pg. 5  Pg. 6   



* Detective Daron Ehly States In Police Report,   "There Were No Signs Of Foul Play Present In The Room.

Crime Scene Photos Attached in Video. (below)

Click Here for Original Photo 1 

Below Are Enhanced Photos:

(Above)  Indention To The Temple Area of Victim's Skull

Click Here for Original Photo 2

 Enhanced Photos Below

 Original Photo 3 Click Here

Enhanced Photo Below

Original Unedited Photo 4

Enhanced Photo Below


Original Unedited Photo  5

Enhanced Photo Below

Original Unedited Photo  6

Enhanced Photo Below


#2  - Signs of Struggle- Possible Attempt To Escape The House Using The Window

Crime Scene Photo: # 166

#3 - Evidence of Foul Play-- Staged Crime Scene- Room Found In A Disarray: 

Crime Scene Photos: #169 & 170

***  Police reports state that the room was found in a "disarray" and that police did take pictures of the room,  but police denied Christopher's Mother' s request for photos showing this entire room. 

Above is my picture that I took of Christopher at the funeral home.  Not consistent with someone who died face up like Christopher was "found."



                                                                         CRIME SCENE PHOTO FINDINGS:  

1)  Pat Erick claimed Chris died naturally and peacefully and said in her police statement that when she went in, "he was sleeping, he was dead but looked so peaceful."  Chris died with his eyes open not like someone who appears to be sleeping and the clinched up fist says that this was a very painful death.

2)  Christopher was found face up according to police reports and this crime scene photo confirmed he was found face up. My photos taken of him 3 days later show lividity on the right side of his face indicating Chris didnt die face up but had been moved prior to calling police. Police withheld any crime scene photos showing the right side of his face.

3 ) Painting and other pictures on the wall above the bed which were disheveled. (The crooked painting caused the hidden message written on the wall behind it to be visible. ("A King Price")   Also hanging above Christopher's bed was his most prized guitar which was improperly hung in a way that could have caused damage with strings flat against the painted wall, something Chris would have never done himself or allowed anyone else to do either. This guitar was hung after Chris was already dead. 

4) The items placed on the chair next to Chris' bed where clearly placed nicely in the center of the chair only.

5) Legs of his shorts were perfectly placed down at his knees as if he was standing up. The shorts look like a fresh clean, unworn pair of shorts placed on Chris.

6) The position of his body  (as if he just crawled in bed and covered up) does not corroborate with autopsy report of someone who suffered 2 heart attacks, convulsions and long drawn out suffocation . It took Chris 2 days to die. 

7)  Both the glass and the Gatorade bottle appear to be empty.

8)  The brown fitted sheet on Christopher's bed which is seen perfectly smooth & attached over all four corners of the mattress. The only wrinkles or marks visible was where Chris' bottom had clearly been dragged across the brown sheet and up into the position he was found in.



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