9/27/89 ~ 11/10/12

Murder Mystery in Midlothian Texas

          Christopher Todd Erick


February 26, 2018

-Question:  Who was paying the rent for Christopher to live in his apartment in Garland Texas from 12/2009 - 4/2012 ?

February 6, 2018

- Question:  Who was the hidden message ("A KING PRICE")  on Christopher's wall referring to?  

August 23,2016

Natural Disease vs. Foul Play

August 1, 2016

Blood Measurements in Cyanide Poisoning

June 15, 2016

June 10, 2016

Answer:  King Pharmaceutical (Tanya Erick- step-mother) (below).  "ION IMPLANTED ARSENIC"-



  Tanya Erick with Meridian Medical Technologies (a wholly owned subsidiary of King Pharmaceuticals). At the time of Christopher's death they were marketing Cyanokit, an antidote for cyanide poisoning!  (Recommend  Google Search for Cyanokit research, "COST-effectiveness analysis
".)  This would explain the need  for strapping Chris to the chair, the antidote if it is administered via I.V.  Would also explain the need to force feed Chris cyanide, he fought!  And the fact that he did not die immediately. 

* Notice the "K".  Christopher ID's his murders using a thumb tack!

The attached document in this video below was provided to police by Patsy Erick (grandma) who altered the receipt by adding the victim's email address and hiding her own. This is my recorded phone call to Amazon.com re: the Cyanide Purchase.

Continue Reading here at "Follow The Money".

Natural Disease vs. Foul Play

According to the autopsy report,  Chris suffered a 1.5 cm long tear of his aorta, just 1 cm away from the left subclavian artery. The approximate location of the torn artery is also marked on Chris' crime scene photo.   Injuries are present on the skin over this same area where internally he suffered a torn artery. ( FOUL PLAY! )

Toxic NOT Lethal

According to the evidence Christopher did not die from the cyanide poison. He had none of the damage internally that is typically seen . Had he intentionally taken his own life with cyanide he would have ingested enough of the poison at one time and he would have died in a matter of minutes.

According to the attorney who is suing Amazon after a girl went online to the same cyanide seller, she purchased the exact 10 grams of silver potassium cyanide, it killed her in a matter of minutes. She did not have time to experience 2 heart attacks and there was ZERO talk about her suffering "a long drawn out death" like Chris.

There were a total of 11 Amazon cyanide deaths including Christopher. All attributed to that same seller in Thialand and all purchased via Amazon.com. Christopher was the only one to who suffered 2 heart attacks and "a long drawn out death". Out of the 10 other cyanide deaths, Christopher was the only one to sustain a skull fracture and/or multiple contusions throughout his body. He was the only one with restraint marks on him and the only one with a restraint chair present at his death.

Chris had cyanosis present only on his head which proves his death was caused from external manual strangulation and not chemical asphyxiation. The cadaveric spasm like the one seen in his left hand is also indicative of a highly emotional, very traumatic strangulation death in addition to the contusion seen on Chris' neck, over the carotid artery. Chris did have cyanide in him and supposedly there was enough to end everything immediately, but that never happened. He fought to live, and he lasted for 2 days.

New Evidence-   Terminal Illness?

--We  have shared with you previously some ominous facebook posts that were written by Christopher: October 20, 2012~ (3 weeks prior to his death)  “I know God has told me that my end is coming this year. An there is nothing I can do to change it. However the Gods appointed to oversee the task of his harvest have yet to expose an exact date or time at this point. “

-- We have shared with you the attached email from the medical examiner which states,   "had Christopher not ingested cyanide, he most likely would have eventually died due to heart defects."  Chris never showed any signs of heart disease as a child, he was an athlete.

--Attached is new evidence. The yellow handwritten note by Christopher.  He noted a possible stroke and memory loss. He was searching for a neurosurgeon.

--Christopher also posted on his facebook page that he had some blood work done and his neutrophils were 8.7 and rising way over the normal.

We do not yet understand what all of this means.

Christopher's Contusions Were Professionally VerifiedFoul Play Involved

The contusions seen in the crime scene photos on Christopher's body have been verified. The contusion on his neck is consistent with a "carotid restraint control hold". The "area of concern" on his upper abdomen (diaphragm area) has been found to be consistent with a "chest compression" where the knee-on-belly position compresses the chest, making it difficult for the person on the bottom to breathe.

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