September 27, 1989 ~ November 10, 2012 
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Kim Erick Smith 

Murder Mystery in Midlothian Texas

Christopher Todd Erick

My Son.......

My 23 year old son died November 10,2012, time of death unknown. Although evidence proves there were several people involved in planning and contributing to the death , Midlothian Texas police and the Ellis County district attorney Patrick Wilson refuse to hold anyone accountable. the officials in charge of investigating Christopher's death have gone so far as to destroy and alter any evidence which incriminated my son' paternal grandma and my son's biological father. Critical evidence for example, the testimony of the father's fire chief which severely incriminated the father as also being involved. This testimony by Assistant Fire Chief Tony Harvey at the City of Irving's fire department wast documented and secured by MPD Sgt Tim Scott, instead the Chief's statement has just disappeared along with other evidence.

As of today, the authorities have abandoned  this case "as is" and have offered no answers to questions. Midlothian Police Department have even block and silence my cries for closure.  The citizens of Midlothian remain unaware of this injustice  while MPD sweep my son's homicide under their rug to soon be forgotten.

How can this be possible?

More coming Soon....

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