9/27/89 ~ 11/10/12

Murder Mystery in Midlothian Texas

          Christopher Todd Erick

Patsy Erick (Chris' paternal grandmother)


According to police reports Midlothian Texas police detectives Sgt Timothy Scott and Commander Cody McKinney asked Pat Erick and her son, Steven Erick to take a polygraph.          They refused !

Click here for Patsy Erick's written police statement.                                                                                                                           

(Click on video below)  The email used to purchase the cyanide from Amazon was Patsy Erick's email.  Mrs. Erick altered this evidence prior to turning it over to police.  Mrs. Erick deleted her email & added in Christopher's.  

Refer back the Christopher's Death Timeline for more details.

1.  Grandma Pat was reportedly the last person to see Christopher alive. 

--  UPDATE:  3/20/2015  - We finally received 6 crime scene pictures from Midlothian PD Slide marks on the sheet where Chris' rear end was dragged across the bed. Pat had help moving and staging Chris' body.  Who helped her? Midlothian police refuse to provide a list of the names of those who were present at the crime scene.

2.  March 2012-  Grandma Pat states to me, "I will see Chris Dead before I see him in one of those hospitals".

--  UPDATE: According to police reports, Chris was 2 days away from reaching help in the hospital. Pat saw him dead instead.  

- Pat's statements to police:  Page 130- Pat states, "When Chris was released from Green Oaks in July 2012, he was functioning at such a low level that he was considered totally disabled and unable to care for himself. The three options available were to have him institutionalized in a state mental hospital, put him on the street, or care for him at home. Chris had already had a stint in a state hospital that resulted in a total psychotic breakdown on May 30, 2012 SO THAT WAS NOT A VIABLE OPTION." <<<<<

--  The Documented Truth : I went to court and had Christopher involuntarily admitted into a hospital because he was having a breakdown. The hospital did not cause this, they helped Chris. While he was in the hospital the nurse reported that they finally were able to detox Chris off of his prescription Adderall XR and his symptoms completely disappeared. Chris even looked better.     But Pat  clearly feels that Chris going to the hospital was NOT AN OPTION FOR HIM.     Adderall XR was found in his system when he died, along with Cyanide poison.

--  Why was Mrs. Erick so much against Christopher receiving proper medical attention at a hospital? Did she continuously interfere  because she did not want educated eyes and minds delving into the possible cause of the condition in question, chronic long term poisoning?
3.  Chris was in court on Nov. 8, 2012 on his first legal charge which was regarding his prescription Adderall that Chris had agreed to sell to a friend.  On Nov. 8, 2012 the court had agreed to drop all charges and instead receive hospitalization for his Adderall addiction. Nov. 10, 2012 Chris was dead.
--  According to the Medical Examiner's findings re: the two heart attacks Chris suffered,  the 1st heart attack had at least one day longer to heal than what was seen in the 2nd area.  In the second area (an aortic dissection),  this heart attack occurred "6-8-12 hours before death, according to the medical Examiner.  This would put the date the cyanide was ingested as Nov. 8.  It appears it took 2 days of suffering before the victim died.

5.  Cyanide death by ingestion or by inhalation is not a pleasant, calm death. To find the victims “lying in a reposeful attitude” would be most consistent with their having been PLACED in “repose” after death. Murder would be a definite possibility (that should certainly have been further investigated). "Is it Murder" by Dr. Richard Sherman Keller .

Chris looked peacefully sleeping when police arrived, an indication that the scene was staged to appear natural  and  peaceful.  Pat Erick was the only one in the house with Chris when he died.

--  Update: Crime scene pictures depict a definite staged crime scene.  Binding straps (for restraining the victim)  found on the chair next to Chris' body.   Chris' clenched fists and open eyes suggests death was painful, nothing peaceful about this.  In Pat's written statement to police, she says she went in to check on him and found him "sleeping",  "he looked so peaceful".....  --  CHRIS' EYES WERE OPEN!

6.  The day of Chris' death, Pat and Steve both refused to take my phone calls. Pat finally responded to a text I sent her that asked , "How did Chris die". Pat responded with only 3 words "Naturally and Peacefully. When police called me to tell me that my son was dead, the police officer said it appeared that Chris just went to sleep the night before, and he died "Naturally and Peacefully" in his sleep. (Possibly the "naturally and peaceably" conclusion had originated from Steve, who is Pat's son and also a EMT. Everyone I spoke to said those same 3 words.) There was nothing at the scene that day that indicated foul play or suicide.   Steve does respond to my text about how did our son die, (3 days after he died). Steve also claims, "Chris died "Naturally and Peacefully".   However, we found out later that the day Chris' died, Steve Erick called his fire chief and said that he would need the  next 3 days off, Steve told his chief that he wanted to "keep his sons death quiet" because it was a suicide and "Chris was an adult".

It would take a month to receive the test results that it was cyanide poisoning that killed Chris,  so if Steve was claiming suicide on the same day Chris died,  where was this indication that suggested  to him that this was a suicide?  WHAT DID STEVEN ERICK THINK OUR SON KILLED HIM SELF WITH?  How did Steve know (the same day he died) that there was cyanide poison in Chris? The cyanide was GONE and it has never been located.

--Update:  Steven Erick claimed in police reports that he was NOT aware that Chris was considering suicide, so AGAIN....WHY THEN TELL HIS FIRE CHIEF IT WAS A SUICIDE IF STEVE IS NOW SAYING HIS SON WASNT SUICIDAL AS FAR AS HE KNEW? AND WHY DID STEVE TELL CHRIS' MOTHER THAT HE DIED NATRALLY AND PEACEFULLY?   Steve already requested that the fire department not acknowledge his dead son "since it was a suicide" (Steve's words), HOWEVER during the first month after Chris died,  the M.E. had already decided to rule his death a natural death by heart attack and Steve still chose to "keep his son's death quiet".  Steve did not want to acknowledge Christopher's death regardless of how he died. 

7.   After Chris tested positive for poison, 6 months later we found out Pat Erick's master card was used for the purchase of cyanide.   Pat lied to police saying it was Chris' credit card.

8.  Then we learned that it was also  Pat Erick's email address, used by Amazon.com to send Pat the email confirmation that a shipment of cyanide was on its way to her house. (ErickPat@*****)

--Update:  Police reports confirm that  on Aug 6, 2012  Pat Erick  added a new credit card ending in 4101 on Amazon.com .  August 6, 2012 was also the date that the judge signed a court order for Chris' mental status to be evaluated in the Dallas county court.  The credit card ending in 4101 was the credit card used to purchase the cyanide. her email address was listed on Amazon.com to send her a confirmation warning her that Cyanide was on its way to her house from Thailand.  (although this was among the only emails blacked out by MPD, it was still visible and it was verified by Amazon.com.  August 7, 2012 Pat faked an email to a chemical company stating "this purchase was made by a suicidal person with out the card holder knowledge or permission."  Pat provided this email to police claiming she "saved" Chris.  (Alfa Aesar)

9.  Someone had discarded the remaining cyanide before police arrived. It has never been located.

10.  The day after Chris died, my mom called Pat to plan Chris funeral, but when my mom said she wanted to pay for Chris funeral, Pat quickly stated, "No I promised Chris that I would pay for everything at his funeral. It didn't occur to us till later, Pat had already planned my sons funeral.

- Per Sgt Tim Scott at MPD, "This is reasonable suspicion."

Update:  Pat arranged for Christopher's funeral to be a non-commemorative funeral "His Funeral-Paid For By Pat Erick"  .  She made arrangements for him to be discarded quickly, that was it.

 11.  Only a few weeks after Chris' death, Pat had the funeral home delete Chris' online obituary which Chris' mother had just made for him.  Pat paid, so Pat was allowed by the funeral home, to take control of Chris' final details.

12.  Chris did not have a "Living Will" prior to moving in with Pat Erick. Chris was so confused, he once told me he was having trouble remembering his name. (Confusion is a symptom of chronic cyanide poisoning.) He was definately too confused to consider that he needed a living will. 

--  UPDATE  -  12/ 30 / 2014  -  Georgia Bureau  of Investigation handwriting expert  provided his  assessment on several questionable documents which were provided to police  by Pat Erick,  two of those letters were what was believed to be Chris living will.  Page 1 & Page 2   The opinion provided to us by the GBI  was that Chris' living will had either been forged completely or altered.  This living will requested for Chris to be cremated.

13.  Just a few days after Chris died, while I was planning Chris' Memorial, I had posted on Chris' private face book page the details so that his friends would have the option of attending, but someone was in his account and they  were constantly deleting the info from his page. I attempted to repost only to see the post disappear again..  I took control over his account in an effort to secure it only to  learn that  this person is now fighting me for control of my deceased son's account.  Who does that???  Eventually I  did learn who was responsible for that additional hell, it was Pat Erick.  Whlie she was there she also read all of Chris private messages including a private message that Chris' little sister had written and sent to his account as a private way to find closure and say goodbye to her  brother.  Megan was horrified to see the confirmation "read" on the message she had just sent to her dead brother.  Pat Erick's email and her IP address were both documented in the evidence we found.  (ErickPat@****)

--Update:  Police reports confirm that Pat admitted to frequently accessing Chris' email and online accounts without his knowledge or permission.  Pat claimed this was for his protection,  but as you can see on #13 above,  this is just one of many times Mrs. Erick abused Christopher's online accounts to cause intentional harm to others, especially where Christopher and his mother were concerned.

14.  In the cyanide poisoning case of the Chicago lottery winner and in many other cyanide poisoning cases, "Khan’s wife first realized he was ill when he emitted a loud scream. Interestingly enough, that tends to be a classic symptom of cyanide poisoning, an almost involuntary response to the internal collapse. Gettler once described this as a "death scream." The description of Khan’s death has him screaming, staggering to a chair, and dying as he sat there."

-Update:  Seen in crime scene photos,  a pillow  found next to Chris' body with what appears to be a facial impression in the pillow used for silencing his screems or as an attempt to suffocate him.

15.  Chris girlfriend claims that Chris stated he and grandma Pat entered into some sort of a "death pact" together. Police never interviewed the girlfriend about this.  Obviously Pat did not keep her end of the bargain, but I would like to know what this sick woman was feeding my already confused child. I know that Pat had convinced  Chris that she was about to die from a terminal illness , but  almost 2 years now since Chris' death and Pat is still  here.   Pat deceived him.  She intentionally secluded and targeted Chris.     

--Update:  Pg. 146 of MPD police reports eerily fits this claim.

16.  The Medical Examiner confirmed that Chris had suffered from 2 separate heart attacks prior to his death. It is believed that the first heart attack could have possibly occurred as much as a full day before he died. After the second heart attack, Chris lived for up to 12 hours, while he slowly suffocated to death. There were also signs present that indicated long term cyanide poisoning. These long term poisoning signs were dismissed and instead were claimed to be caused by "Chris long term heart disease."

- I have two experts who have examined the autopsy reports and recordings of my interview with the M.E. Both of these experts opinions were that Chris did NOT have a "congenital heart defect or heart disease. " This leaves no other explanation for the signs that were present in Chris except that he had been poisoned over a long period of time. I am interested in reading any information about a suicide that was carried out by slowly poisoning themselves. I have yet to find one.

17.  Shortly before his death, Chris had complained of blisters on his tongue to his girlfriend.

18.  If Chris had been knowingly slowly poisoning himself , why would he have went to visit his doctor, who gave him a shot of B-12 and sent Chris home to rest. Chris' complaints were severe fatigue, nausea with vomiting, severe confusion and depression.  (All typical symptoms of chronic cyanide poisoning) 

19.  Photo evidence that the common " foaming from the mouth" a symptom of poisoning by some of the corrosive cyanide salts, had been present around Chris' nose and mouth, indicating that he had been cleaned up before police arrived. The cyanide foaming had burned the skin leaving its trail behind.

20. Photo evidence taken of Chris at the funeral home show a  double pattern of lividity indicating that the body has been moved within the first 6-8 hours after death. Chris was placed into the "peaceful" position that police found him in.
--Update:  Police reports confirm Chris was found face up.  He did not die in this position.  He was moved.

21.  Since Pat did pay for his funeral, Pat took full control and blocked my access to Chris records. None of my requests had been honored. I asked for Chris' face to be shaven so that I could see his face, my request was denied. Chris' cremation was so obviously rushed, that I called MPD to notify them that something was not right.

22.  Christopher was Pat's only grandchild, yet she nor anyone from her family (including Chris' dad Steve) attended Chris' memorial or his visitation at the funeral home.

--Update:  According to the police crime scene photos the chair sat in the way of anyone possibly reaching Chris' upper body,  there were no apparent bedside goodbye's either. 

23  The day of Chris' death, Pat Erick emerged with Chris' "living will", which stated that he wanted to be cremated. Within this will there is also mention of a 3rd letter which has also mysteriously disappeared ,

-- Update: Page 146 of the MPD police reports could possibly be the 3rd letter.

24. Oct. 28, 2012 - I sent Pat a text to ask her what kind of paint Chris was using on his canvases. I told her that I wanted to get them for Chris as a Christmas present. Pat responded "Hold off and lets see where Chris is closer to X-mas." I asked her why she would say that, Pat didn't respond. Oct. 29, 2012 the cyanide arrived at Pat's house.

25.  June 27, 2013 I posted information that had been located,about the cyanide purchase, on Chris' face book page. On June 27, 2013 (same day I posted this information about it being Pat's credit card) Pat Erick called Amazon.com and wanted to know what questions where asked about this purchase.

26.  Pat lied to Midlothian investigators about it being Chris' credit card used to buy the cyanide.

27Pat told me Chris died "Naturally and Peacefully"- How would she have knowledge about how he died unless she was with him?

28.  Update:

(page 49 of the MPD FOIA packet)

Officer Cody McKinney documents Pat Erick is claiming she is missing a container which held her miscellaneous WIRES AND CABLES which she last saw in Christopher's room. --I would think that statement alone would be enough to directly connect her to the wires and cables which were attached to the chair used to restrain Chris.

29.  See my blog "Three Poisonings"  About being poisoned while pregnant with Christopher.     

 Online Stalking/Harassment by Pat Erick a.k.a. - Ginny Goset

(above) Feb. 27, 2013 - Pat high jacked Christopher's personal facebook page (for the second time) and deleted my posts when I would share Chris' memorial information (multiple times)
(above) Feb. 25. 2013 - Two days before Pat re-gained access to Christopher's private account, Pat created a fake facebook account. Ginny GoSet is also known as Pat Erick. "Ginny" had liked " The Bull Moose" but that was the only activity on her profile. It just so happens that "The Bull Moose" is the restaurant  that Pat and Steve own in Colorado.  "Ginny" had also contacted me publicly on Christopher's memorial face book page. Her first post I just deleted and moved on.  It seemed her post was intended to attack my credibility rather than support.
This was the second post by Ginny Goset which I did respond to regarding her question of a "conspiracy" . Ginny would not respond but her account has since been suspended by Face book. There was also another fake face book account set up during this same time frame as a man "Jerry Berry",  who appeared to be close to Pat's age, but  this person contacted my minor daughter. In the message to my daughter "Jerry Berry" stated that he was sorry for her loss and if she would give him her address he would like to send her something in the mail in memory of her brother Christopher. When I contacted him, he refused to respond.
Pat Erick-August 2016
Pat, Carol Pevsner (step-grandma) , Kara Harris (step-sister, top right),  Tanya Erick (step-mom, top-center), Kayla Blood Pevsner (Greg Pevsner's wife who posted about Greg's new Trust Fund)


Texas Penal Code - Section 37.08

(a) A person commits an offense if, with intent to deceive, he knowingly makes a false statement that is material to a criminal investigation and makes the statement to:
  1  a peace officer conducting the investigation;  or                        
  2 any employee of a law enforcement agency that is authorized by the agency to conduct the investigation and that the
actor knows is conducting the investigation.
(b)  In this section, "law enforcement agency" has the meaning assigned by Article 59.01, Code of Criminal Procedure.
(c)  An offense under this section is a Class B misdemeanor.



Tampering with Physical Evidence

under Texas Penal Code 37.09, Tampering With Or Fabricating Physical Evidence, a person who "alters, destroys, or conceals any record, document, or thing with intent to impair its verity, legibility, or availability as evidence in the investigation or official proceeding" is to be charged with a third-degree felony, unless "the thing altered, destroyed, or concealed is a human corpse", at which point the charge becomes a second-degree felony.

3)  Online Impersonation’ is a Crime in Texas'-

 "Sec. 33.07. ONLINE IMPERSONATION. (a) A person commits an offense if the person, without obtaining the other person's consent and with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate, or threaten any person, uses the name or persona of another person to:
 1  create a web page on a commercial social networking site or other Internet website; or
 2  post or send one or more messages on or through a commercial social networking site or other Internet website, 
"Harm" can be very broadly construed–one person's joke is another person's harm.

An offense under Subsection (a) is a felony of the third degree. 

Below are text messages from Chris' girlfriend Rachel ...MPD refused to interview her.

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