September 27, 1989 ~ November 10, 2012 
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Kim Erick Smith 

Murder Mystery in Midlothian Texas

Christopher Todd Erick

Steven Todd Erick-
(Christopher's Biological Father)
Steven is Fire Fighter/EMT at The City of Irving Texas Fire Department.

(Above) --

7 days after Chris' memorial-  See Grief? Or like they just won the lottery?

Steven Erick,   Tanya Pevsner Harris Murray Erick (step-mom) (Former Financial Advisor at PFS Investments 2012-2014)

Kara Harris(step-sister)

None of them attended Chris' visitation at the funeral home or his memorial.


This is Chris on the right with his step-brother Greg  Pevsner on Greg's wedding day.

Chris was Greg's "best man", but  Greg did not attend Chris' memorial ceremony or visitation at the funeral home.

Approximately 8 months after Chris' death, Greg inherited a suspicious paying "Trust Fund".  (below)

According to his  Facebook profile, Greg is employed at Whitburn & Pevsner @ 2000 E Lamar Blvd #600, Arlington, TX 76006.  Greg's uncle, Sean Pevsner is an attorney there. 

"Kcbizme" is Greg's new wife, Kayla Blood Pevsner.

Greg did not have a trust fund prior to Christopher's death! 

Chris had labeled the picture himself as "Sis and Me".  Its Chris and his step-sister Kara Harris.

Kara also did not attend Chris' visitation or memorial.

Greg (step-brother)

Kara (step-sister)

Chris on the right.

Tanya (step-mom) in the left rear.

Again Chris had this picture labeled

"Bro & Sis" on his face book page.

The day Chris died, Kara wrote on her Facebook wall, "Please pray for my family, we are about to go thru something really bad."

About to ???

No attempts were ever made to show any sort of  respect for Chris' life or death

Christopher was never acknowledged at all.

Steven Erick (on the left)
City of Irving Fire fighter/EMT

November 10, 2016-  Four years ago today, in the early morning of November 10, 2012 Christopher Erick was murdered in Midlothian Texas by his paternal grandmother and his own biological father. His murder occurred merely hours before the father (a City of Irving fire fighter/EMT) was due back at the fire station to begin his next 24 hour shift. (24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty)

From November 8, 2012 to November 10, 2012 (during the father's 48 hours off duty) Christopher endured 2 heart attacks, including a torn artery, a depressed skull fracture (extreme force) and multiple contusions on his neck, arms and torso.

It's been four years and no one has been held accountable.

Pat Erick is Steve's mother (Chris' grandma). Chris died at Steve's mother's house. 

1.  No one from Steve's family attended Chris' ceremonies.  The day of visitation at the funeral home the director stated to me that she found it odd, Steve came in to sign the papers to have Chris cremated, but when she asked him if he would like to see his son one last time, Steve said "No thanks" and he just left. 

 2.   After Steve's mother insisted on paying for Chris' funeral (cremation), the day of visitation at the funeral home, it became apparent that Chris was now being rushed into cremation. I contacted the Midlothian Police Department that day and said that "something was not right".

3.  The day Chris died,  it was police  who notified me that my son was dead, Steven refused my calls. 

4.  The officer who called and notified me said  that it appeared as though Chris just went to bed Friday night and died "Naturally and Peacefully" in his sleep. There was nothing at the scene to indicate suicide or foul play. I called and sent texts to Steven asking him, "How did Christopher die?"

Eventually, THREE DAYS  AFTER THE SUDDEN DEATH OF OUR  23 YEAR OLD SON,   Steven finally  responded to one of my text.  Steven's text read ,  "Kim, Chris died Naturally and Peacefully in his sleep.   I went to see Chris 2 days before he died. (Nov. 8, 2012)   Chris and I took a long walk and had a long talk.   He is in a better place now. You and I have no other ties left in this world.  It's done." 

  a.)   Nov. 8, 2012 -  Chris was also present in Dallas County criminal court where he was  court ordered to begin hospitalization on Nov. 12, 2012.  
  b.)  Dallas county court found that Chris was incompetent to Stand Trial.  He  was not able to clearly understand what was happening in court. 

              c.)  November 8, 2012  was also the same day Chris suffered his first heart attack, an aortic dissection.  (Tear in the artery.)

               d.) November 9, 2012 Chris suffered a second heart attack.  According to the medical examiner, Chris survived for approx. 12 more hours after the 2nd heart attack, and then he suffocated to death.  

5. 8 months after Chris died, Steven's fire chief, Tony Harvey tells me that the same day of Chris' death, Steve Erick told him that he wanted to "keep his sons death quiet because it was a suicide and Chris was an adult".  -How did Steve know there was poison in Chris since it would be a month before the lab results returned positive for cyanide. There were no indications of suicide present at the scene. Both Pat and Steve had told me that Chris died "Naturally and Peacefully".  Mr. Harvey tells me that he is seeing a lot of inconsistencies in Steven's story.

6 .  The cyanide was never located.

7 .  The day of Chris' death, Pat Erick called Steve who just went back on duty earlier that morning after having two days off from the fire department in Irving.  Steve, (who is also an EMT), arrived at the scene of our son's death, he was in full uniform. According to police records, Steven was allowed to remain in the bedroom where Chris was laying as police and other first responders were coming and going.  Police, the justice of the peace, Steve and Pat all claimed that they believed, for what ever reason, that Chris' death was a "Natural" death.  No evidence was secured from the scene. A Gatorade (a possible source of administering the cyanide poison) bottle was latter noticed in the crime scene photos, but had not been secured for testing.  The bottle was thrown in the trash. Steve's presence that day, appears to have been a planned  effort to intentionally  mislead the direction of this investigation.


8.  Five months after Chris' death, we received evidence that it was Steve's mother's (Pat Erick) master card that was used to purchase the cyanide and it was Pat Erick's email account that Amazon used to send her confirmation that the shipment for cyanide was on its way to her house.

9 .  The day after Chris died, Steve spoke to a mutual high school friend of ours Brandi, Steve stated to Brandi "I didn't have the heart to put Chris back in the hospital.  (So Steve did WHAT???)  Brandi then asked Steve "are ya'll going to have a funeral or memorial?"  Steve said, " No, Chris didn't have any friends anyway."   --     if Steve and Pat were so convinced that Christopher didn't have any friends, then why the need for Pat to go to such extreme to obstruct my efforts by deleting Christopher's memorial information that I had provided for his friends on Chris' face book page?  ---To make Chris disappear quietly with no questions being asked by those friends who did  and still do love Christopher. 

10.  Steve stood a lot to gain financially from Chris' death. It was never a secret, Steve (an only child) was jealous that Pat had given Chris (only grandchild) access to what Chris was calling his "early inheritance" . (Documented evidence by Chris that the step-mom was also very jealous of Chris because Chris was usually given nice things by Pat, but never for the step-kids.) 

11.  On the day Chris died, Steve's mother-in-law, Carol A. Butler Pevsner posted on  her face book page a strange response, she said,  "My grandson Chris, made his transition today. We love you Chris.  Have a beautiful journey."  I attempted to contact Carol via face book messenger, but she didn't reply.    Carol posted this online at 4:30 pm.  Chris' time of death on his death certificate is 4:40.  I was not notified by police that my son was dead until 5:30 pm. 


12.  Please see attached handwriting analysis conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s handwriting expert. (GBI) page 1  and page 2. 

On pg 134 of the Midlothian police reports someone forged the signature of the mother, Kim Smith. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation handwriting analysis expert suggests it was Steven Erick who forged Kim Smith’s signature.

In the letter Steven accuses Christopher of attempting suicide in just about every different way humanly possible. Steven Erick's signature is attached at the bottom of this letter. However, on page 42 of the MPD reports, on 8/6/13 Steven Erick went to the MPD police station to speak with Sgt Tim Scott and Steven states, "I didn't know Christopher was thinking about suicide.  Steven was the first person to call Christopher’s death a “suicide” to his fire chief, Tony Harvey on the same day that Christopher died.

13. Police asked Steven and his mother Pat Erick to submit to a polygraph test. -They refused!

14.  Steven took Chris' truck from him preventing Chris from being able to leave Pat's house.

15.  Someone moved Christopher's body and staged the crime scene to appear like a natural death. 

16.  The right side of Chris' head was caved in (skull fracture) & other injuries.

17.  There was a restraint chair present near Chris' dead body and correlating marks left on his body.

18.  According to the GBI, Christopher's living will had also been altered or forged entirely.

19.  It was approx. eight months after Chris died before Steven's co-workers were told that Steven's only child had died.  His fellow firefighters were shocked when I asked them how did Steven say our son died. 

As of today, November 28, 2016 (4 years since Chris death) Steven Erick still refuses to speak to me about the death of our son.

Chris' dad and step mother

 2 months after his death.
Also in the picture above is Tanya's brother, Sean Pevsner.




Steven has never had to answer the pertinent  questions about our son's death. 

Our hopes and prayers for a resolve remain unchanged.

May you rest in peace, my dear sweet Christopher.

My love for you will never end!

See you soon!

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