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Murder Mystery in Midlothian Texas

Christopher Todd Erick




1.)  TANYA E. PEVSNER HARRIS MURRAY ERICK- Tanya was Christopher's step-mother- "Third Sector" - Insurance sales- Primerica a.k.a. PFS Financial  and Bryan Insurance in Cleburne, Texas with Steve Lehrmann & Harold Gilliam.  (FYI-  Our family court judge who locked Chris inside Texas Excel Academy was Debra Herman Lehrmann . There was also a Harold Gilliam listed as a director at Texas Excel Academy.  Harold went by "Dino Gilliam" at Excel.  Dino Gilliam was also listed as a pallbearer at one of the many funerals of the now deceased former Texas Excel Academy students.) (FYI- Texas Excel Academy in Conroe Texas was also an energy research project by Exxon Mobil Chemical, among other things.)

2.SEAN EDWARD PEVSNER- Tanya's younger brother and only sibling. Sean was born with severe cerebral palsy and is unable to speak or write without the assistance of an interpreter or a specialized computer.  He operates a motorized wheelchair by the use of head movements.  As of 2012 Sean is now an attorney at Whitburn & Pevsner in Arlington, Texas.  In our opinion, Sean was who Chris was referring to when he posted on Facebook,  "Thank you Elders for doing the hard part.  I understand it must be hard to have someone dress you and take you where you don't want to go , and have someone speak what does not want to be said."

3.)  GREGORY ALLEN PEVSNER- Tanya's Biological Son.  Short of a DNA test, the facts are clear.  Gregory's biological father is none of than Gregory Alan Lehrmann, a real estate attorney at Stewart Title and the husband to our former Family Court Judge Debra Herman Lehrmann from Tarrant County Family Court!  We/ Christopher did not stand a chance in her court!  The ultimate deception and betrayal!  Can it get any worse?  Yes! It gets worse. The Midlothian Texas detective who was in charge of investigating Christopher's death, Sgt Timothy Neal Thompson Scott is also family by marriage to this same Judge Debra Herman Lehrmann via Sgt Scott's step-father-in-law, Donald S. Herman!  Sgt Scott intentionally botched and covered-up the true facts of Christopher's murder.  

4.)  KAYLA BLOOD PEVSNER- Gregory's new wife-  Posted in an online chatroom about her husbands new paying trust fund.  

5.)  CAROL BUTLER PEVSNER- Tanya's biological mother. Insurance Sales.  (See contract with Stewart Title below.)


Sean Edward Pevsner (Left photo))

From top left:  Kayla Blood Pevsner (Greg's new wife), Tanya Pevsner Erick (step-mother),  Kara Harris (Tanya's daughter)

Bottom left: Patsy Erick (Chris' paternal grandmother) and Carol Pevsner (Tanya's mother)


- 2004              -  Sean Pevsner graduated from The University of Texas School of Law - Attempts at the  Bar Exam were unsuccessful.  
- Oct 23, 2005 - Chris was kidnapped against his will from the front porch of his mother's house.
- 2005 - 2007   - Chris was locked inside Texas Excel Academy in Conroe, Texas for two years. He was only 15 years old. He had committed no crime.

- Nov 7, 2005 - A contract (a home equity loan) between Carol Pevsner and Stewart Title. (Gregory Lehrmann at Stewart Title.) Stewart Title is the                      "Submitter".  Timothy Goulet is recorded as the "Grantee."  

- Nov 7, 2005 - was also our family court date in Judge Debra Herman Lehrmann's court.  Associate Judge Michael Sinha presiding. After I refused to sign a     contract for Texas Excel Academy to hold Chris for 2 years,  I was asked to leave the  court house or be thrown out.  I was then counted as a "No Show".     
- 2009-              Chris had a new car stereo installed.William L. DAILEY (Greg Pevsner's Cousin) (Human heart malfunction diagram drawn on the back of     the receipt.)
- Dec 1, 2009 - Chris signed a lease for his own apartment in Garland Texas. Lease Expired 4/2012. Chris said he is paying for it using his "Early                          inheritance".  
- Nov 4, 2011 -  With the assistance of 4 different out of state interpreters over 5 days, Sean passes the Texas State Bar Exam. (Suspicious! Someone needed         him to become a lawyer!) 
- Nov 16, 2011 -  "Congratulations Dinner for Sean Pevsner" at Vince Young Steakhouse Courtesy of the Honorable GUY HERMAN,  current judge in               Travis County Texas Probate   Court #1 .  Guy Herman is UNCLE to our former family court judge Debra HERMAN  Lehrmann!    She is now a Texas           Supreme Court Justice! This is all one big family!   
- Apr 12, 2012 - Sean Pevsner established a law firm with his best friend, Mark Whitburn. Whitburn & Pevsner, PLLC, practices ADA, FHA, IDEA, and            probate   and guardianship law and is located at 2000 E. Lamar Boulevard, Suite 600, Arlington, Texas 76006.
- June 18, 2012 - Tanya registered with PFS INVESTMENTS as a Financial Broker.     
June 20, 2012 - Carol Pevsner signed a "Durable General Power of Attorney" in Tarrant County Texas with a Debbie DAILEY Danelski and Muriel Jean       GILES. (deceased 2006.) (The Giles Family are with Exxon Mobile and Harding Co.) The full Power of Attorney can be read online here:
- Jun 25, 2012 - Tanya secured the Series 63 - Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam.
- Jul 2012      –  Greg Pevsner  starts at Whitburn & Pevsner, PLLC as an Executive Administrator.
- Nov 8, 2012 - Chris was present in Dallas County Criminal Court- Judge Tracy Holmes. No jail time.  Hospitalization to begin in 4 days, Nov. 12, 2012.
- Nov 8, 2012 - Chris suffered his first heart attack.  A Torn aorta in the clavicle area.  (Per the Medical Examiner.)                                                                         
- Nov 9, 2012 - Chris  suffered a 2nd heart attack approximately 8-12 hours after the 1st heart attack. He lived up to 12 hours afterwards. (Per M.E.)   
- Nov 10, 2012 - Chris was found dead in his bed at his paternal grandmother's house in Midlothian, Texas where he lived 5-6 moths prior to his death.               Grandma and Christopher's Dad claimed that Christopher died Naturally and Peacefully in his sleep. After Chris tested positive for cyanide poison, they         changed their stories and said he committed suicide. Christopher's FIRST death certificate said Chris died a Natural Death Due To Heart Disease,                   Crime scene photos releveled a restraint chair present next to the body.  And the correlating restraint marks on Chris' arms and across his chest.
- Nov 12, 2012 - The suspicious actions and inaction of the father, Steven Todd Erick and the step-mother and her family...How could they be so Happy?             Financial gain is then suspected.  Searching the local probate court cases nothing came up for Christopher's name, so I tried the step-mothers maiden name,   "Pevsner."  We found a Dallas County Probate case two days after Chris died for Sandra Joy Pevsner. Sandra's son, Joseph Pevsner is a toxic tort attorney     at Thompson & Knight.   As of today, 7 years later this probate case is still marked as an "Open" Probate case.
- Nov 13, 2012 - The dad (Steven Erick) finally responds to Chris' mom about how did Christopher die?  Steven's text read ,  "Kim, Chris died Naturally and        Peacefully in his sleep.   I went to see Chris 2 days before he died. (Nov. 8, 2012)   Chris and I took a long walk and had a long talk.   He is in a better place  now.         You and I have no other ties left in this world.  It's done."  
- Nov 19, 2012 - A STATE TAX LIEN IS FILED IN TRAVIS COUNTY FOR SEAN PEVSNER -STATE TAX LIEN- TEXAS WORKFORCE                               COMMISSION  Labor Law Collection Unit - Instrument #2012214153. TWC Tax account: 13-3956557 for the amount of $3623.30                                               (   - (Suspect this is related to Texas Excel Academy which was registered as a child care facility.)              
- Dec 7, 2012- In this audio recording Gregory Pevsner, Chris older step-brother, threatened to kill his then wife if she did not sign the divorce papers ASAP.     No record of Greg having a paying Trust Fund at the time of  this divorce.  
- Dec 10, 2012 -  Chris' Dad, Step-mother and Step-sister's photo posted on Facebook 3 days after Chris' funeral.  None of them attended Chris' funeral.  
- April 2013 - "Tanya Erick TOP DONOR to BC CANCER FOUNDATION"- Sarah Roth - President
- April 15, 2013 - (Midlothian Police Sgt. ) Timothy N. Scott-  Release Of Lien-  WR STARKEY - UST GLOBAL
- 2013 - 2015 - Greg Pevsner - Texas Wesleyan University- Bachelor of Science (BS)Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
- May 29, 2013 -  "THE SEAN E. PEVSNER SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST UNDER AND INSTRUMENT DATED SEPTEMBER 4, 2010" electronically               recorded in TRAVIS COUNTY on this day.                          
- Sept. 16,2013 - 12:57am - Greg Pevsner posted to Facebook, "I have had a lot of  big GOOD changes in my life.  I'm just achieving all my goals and working   real hard as usual."
- Nov 17, 2014 - See page 6 @ Tanya is no longer registered as a financial broker. She says she will "no longer be dealing in investments."     (Only needed for Chris' death!)
- 2015 - 2017 - Greg Pevsner- Texas Christian University - Bachelor of Science (BS) - Communication Studies, Minor: Film - TV - Digital Media-  TCU Club      Baseball   Team. (BS...Yes, but not a  Bachelor of Science!) - Dean's List-  (Not this kid! Refer back to Dec. 7, 2012. )

Sean Pevsner NOW....

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